Everyday is Earth day

Today is ‘Earth Day’, it’s been running since the 1970s, starting as a huge protest against the industrial revolution; about 20 million people participated. Since then, the protests have died down and we have been left with this one day a year where everyone can celebrate our fragile planet and reflect on what we do to look after it. In my opinion, Earth is worth more than a single day. After all, it is an entire planet, home to the only known life in the universe and full of natural wonders. One day a year where we are reminded to care about natural resources and recycling is not enough, especially when we spend the rest of the year doing the exact opposite.



Instead we live in a society that dedicates only one day to celebrating/restoring the most wonderful feat of nature and brands anyone who thinks this way as a ‘hippie’, reducing their influence on those around them.

Open your eyes, look around at all that we have here on Earth, realise that is it a miracle that deserves recognition everyday. When you align yourself with nature, you start to see beauty everywhere. Show Gaia some love.

namaste x

Everyday should be considered Earth Day, everyone should be doing there bit to look after the planet, not only for themselves but to create a better future for all lifeforms. Living a more natural life leads to a better quality of life too – everyone feels better after a walk outside, or after eating well for a few days. We’ve all felt the effects and we all know what is right, yet we all find it so hard to commit to. Its so blindly obvious what needs to be done, whether thats cutting down on animal products, using your car less, reducing plastic usage, or even just making sure the lights are off – if everyone did just a little bit more we could maybe start to reverse the damage that has been done.