What spring time does to cherry trees

Again, it’s been a while since I’ve written on here. Since my last post my learning has only increased and I feel its only fair to share everything I’ve discovered (well obviously, what else do I use this for?). Spring has been beautiful in all its entirety. I’ve really enjoyed the blossoming of everything and everyone as the weather has got warmer and smiles have got bigger.

What spring time does to cherry trees was actually pinned to the wall – amongst many other sensations – during a dance class for inspiration. It caught my eye one tuesday afternoon and I decided to take it out of the studio and carry it with me. It seemed to work well with the change/growth post I wrote previously (read here).




Disruption and Creation

Moving forward from the change/growth notion, I have also come across disruption and creation. Whereas change is often forced upon us and out of our control, disruption involves our own choices. We can chose parts of our life to disrupt and then figure what is possible to create in that moment.

The Art of Surrender

Surrender to what is happening and not what you think should be happening. Things tend to go much more smoothly when you give up control, when you simply allow things to happen rather than to force them (a lot of us are terrible at this). Control often comes from fear of things going wrong, but what is possible if we let go of what we believe is the best outcome for us?

Make Curiosity a Daily Practice 

This is something else I came across in the dance studio (lots of lessons to be learnt in contact improvisation classes). The quote that inspired this was actually “Replace ambition with curiosity”.  I realised then that you can replace pretty much anything with curiosity (fear, judgement, obstacles). Instead of being certain about things, whether thats goals or opinions – negative or positive – its interesting to notice what can come if we simply explore (fearlessness? confidence?).

Disrupt what you know, surrender to what is happening and explore the outcomes. Be like a cherry tree in spring.

The cherry tree does not force itself to blossom, it allows itself to change according to the seasons, working by natures clock. Transformation only happens when there is a shift in energy. 


namaste x