Stuck For a New Years Resolution? Try These Practices Instead...

So Christmas has come and gone. Our wallets are a few pounds lighter and we are a few pounds heavier. So with our hearts and bellies full of festive cheer and Yorkshire puddings we enter the limbo between Christmas and new year, a time when we take a look at our lives/ourselves and decide what needs to change. It’s time to lose weight, save money, lift more, learn faster, work harder...

In our culture we tend to focus on the negative. Figuring out what is ‘wrong’ and coming up with a plan to ‘fix’ it. Although this may work for some, reprimanding yourself is most likely not going to bring you joy.

Before you decide how you want to limit yourself this year, take a second to answer these questions..

Do you remember your resolution from last year?

Did you stick to it?

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If the answer to both these questions is yes, then congratulations! If the answer is no, perhaps it is time to change your approach.

This year, instead of restricting yourself, try nourishing your life by adding things in. Below are 10 daily practices to incorporate through 2018, to help you have a full .


Practice compassion not just to others, but most importantly to yourself. Advise yourself as you would advise others. Notice your thoughts so you replace criticism with compassion. Soon you will find you are able to listen more intently, and speak with more truth.


Note: This does not mean splurging or overindulgence in food, clothes, holidays or otherwise!

Being spontaneous means letting go of what you know, releasing control on your life and trusting your intuition. Over-control and perfectionism leaves little room for joy or freedom.


Practice intimacy with your friends, family and loved ones. A fear of intimacy and openness is a fear of getting to know ourselves. Through this practice we can find meaningful pleasure in simple acts.


How we interpret things plays a vital role in where our energy and attention goes. Being non-reactive can equate to letting go of our sensitivities. Being over-sensitive can create anxiety.


A wise man once said you are as sick as the secrets you keep. Being honest with yourself doesn’t mean revealing your deepest darkest secrets. It means acknowledging and understanding your motives, behaviours, responsibilities and intentions. It means learning what you are passionate about and always speaking your truth.


Inside all of us lies a steady and calm center. Locate it and practice stabilising yourself. Once here, notice how you feel about your surroundings. We have the ability to meld our sensual minds with our sensual nature, putting us more in touch with our environment and allowing us to experience from a balanced, equanimous perspective.


Practicing relationship means understanding that each interaction you have is half you. In 2018 focus on noticing your own contribution; in your work place, your home life and any other communities you are part of. Remember that the way you are in the world determines how others will react to you.


Non-resistance is all about experiencing our emotions fully. We are sensual beings with a rich range of emotions. Denying ourselves the right to feel whatever comes through is denying ourselves the right to live a full life. This year, greet each emotion without resistance as if it were an old friend coming to share a message or lesson with you (Thank you Rumi). Make a point of walking the path of less resistance and living in a way that is nourishing and light.


Take a moment to reflect on 2017... Are you carrying any resentment towards yourself or others? Are you willing to wipe the slate clean?


We all seem to be living fast-paced, busy lifestyles, rarely taking time to pause and reflect. But sometimes, the light can be so bright that you can’t see, the noise can be so loud that you can’t hear and if you are looking for something and travelling too fast, you will pass it by.